Lifestyle B6120 King Bedroom Group

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Bedroom Suite: King Storage Bed, Dresser, Mirror, Door Chest and 2 Night Stands

Dark Cherry Finish

B6120A-GX0 King Headboard: 79.30" W 5.30" D 60.00" H

B6120A-GTG King Storage Footboard with Slats: 79.30" W 31.10" D 20.50" H

B6120A-BTN Queen/King Storage Siderails: 82.00"W 1.90"D 9.80"H

B6120A-045 Eight Drawer Dresser: 66.00"W 19.00"D 42.00"H

B6120A-050 Mirror: 46.00"W 1.80"D 39.00"H

B6120A-037 Five Drawer Door Chest: 44.30"W 18.00"D 58.00"H

B6120A-025 Three Drawer Night Stand: 28.00"W 17.00"D 29.00"H